Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Physical Therapy

Services include therapy for range of motion, gait training, transfer ability, strengthening, coordination, pain management, continence management, balance training, cardiovascular endurance, posture, safety, etc.

Occupational Therapy

Services include therapy for Activities of Daily Living such as feeding, grooming, hygiene, dressing, wheelchair mobility, continence management, edema management, low vision, strengthening, use of adaptive equipment, energy conservation, etc.

Speech Therapy

Services include therapy to treat swallowing deficit, communication difficulty, memory problems, inability to follow direction, poor hearing, etc.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy manipulates the soft tissues of your body — using varying degrees of pressure and movement to attempt to relieve pain, anxiety, and other symptoms

Pet Therapy

Interacting with a friendly pet can help many physical and mental issues, reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. It can also release endorphins that produce a calming effect, helping to alleviate pain and reduce stress.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is used to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Treatment includes creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music.


“The therapy I receive here has really improved my balance. But the best part is how much fun I am having!”

- Celia, Resident