Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design

Market Street connects the hearts and minds of residents by stimulating their senses with the goal of re-experiencing memories. Our communities are purposefully designed to ignite the human spirit by identifying personal connections to specific sights, sounds, tastes and smells. Honoring each resident’s traditions and interests, our certified dementia care practitioners and specialists utilize specifically designed spaces throughout the community to stimulate the brain and spark meaningful connections.



The timeless charm of our Market Plaza is complete with fresh flowers, calming sounds of nature, trees, and an enticing street scape. Programmed seating offers residents choice and independence while multi-sensory activities such as painting, baking, or taking a yoga class encourage meaningful interaction.


Residents experience the elements of beauty and tranquility with the personal services in the Market Street Salon and Spa. Residents can enjoy a relaxing manicure or pedicure with soothing massage enhanced with special aroma therapy. Feeling exquisite at any age is essential.


Residents enjoy harvesting, smelling, and savoring the delectable herbs grown in our gardens. This includes the summery, sweet leaves of basil in their favorite caprese salad, or muddled sprigs of mint adding a delicious hint to freshly squeezed, sweet lemonade on a warm day.


Enjoy the aromatics of freshly baked hand-crafted breads or the sweet fragrance of glazed cinnamon rolls made daily in our bakery. Perhaps one of the most distinct aromas is freshly ground coffee beans beginning to brew. This vivid scent awakens the senses, and the bright, crisp flavor triggers immediate recognition of times spent laughing and loving over a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Art Gallery


The creativity and happiness visual arts bring our residents reduces anxiety and elevates mood. Displays inspire seniors to express themselves and connect socially by sharing moments of joy. The Market Street Gallery, with its rotating themes, is designed to provide exhibits with varying motifs for our residents to re-experience special moments.


Whether family or friend, the end of a visit can bring a wide range of emotions.  Guests enter and exit through our Post Office while residents reminisce reviewing worldly press headlines or grabbing a copy of a favorite monthly periodical.  Keeping residents involved in activity and preoccupied from “the farewell” the Post Office and Newsstand are strategically designed to alleviate feelings.


“When we moved Mother into Market Street Residence her face lit up seeing the gardening stations. Thank you for making my mother smile again!”

- Richard, Son of Resident