Our People

Our People

“The difference is our people”

Marc Vorkapich, CEO

Market Street associates answer a calling to serve seniors and their families everyday.
They are recognized for their achievements and empowered to share their vast experience with their peers ensuring the quality of our assisted living and memory care services and the well-being of our residents. Our associates champion a culture which nurtures relationships in the interest of acting as trusted advisors. By continuously investing in these servant hearts, we develop value-centered leaders who deliver personalized service.

Our mission “to welcome, to care, to serve” derives from four primary points of view which inspire our associates to recognize and celebrate one another’s gifts through service.


You were created to fulfill a unique destiny. The impact God intends for you is one of a kind. There is only one you! You are equipped, prepared and directed by God for specific and significant things.


A commitment and desire to find and release your passions by reclaiming and nurturing a renewed sense of wonder, an idealistic and almost childlike fervor- toward life and eternity- which God placed within you when He created you.


You stand where no one else stands. Your life-work, your friendships, your family, your accomplishments all elevate you to a singular position of prominence in the lives of the people all around you. These people respect you and place value on your words and example. They believe in you and receive value from you. They trust you and assign value according to your values.


In every individual the hand of the Creator has shaped abilities, interests and motivations in combinations and magnitudes that no one else has ever seen. These gifts equip us to uniquely serve and impact our world, leaving an imprint that none before or after can match. We may strive for a common goal, but each one of us brings our own uncommon and unique potential to the cause.


"I am blessed to be working for the Market Street Residence family and having the opportunity to work in a field that gives me joy, happiness and so much gratitude."

- Jackie C.