LIVE Exhilarated

LIVE Exhilarated

Market Street Residence's unique approach to healthy aging focuses on individuals achieving personal wellness through their participation in programs aligned with the seven facets of wholeness. Our Live Exhilarated™ Programming provides the framework that goes beyond the traditional to deliver the extraordinary.

Senior Engagement Program

Get Active

Regular exercise and movement is the key to achieving greater personal independence and health goals. Get Active focuses on moving through fun, playful, and active pursuits. 

Stay strong. Live healthily.

Be Curious

Lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge is a proven way to keep the mind active as we age. Be Curious introduces a variety of programs and classes designed to stretch and grow the mind.

Stay inquisitive. Embrace surprise. 

Get Connected

Continued societal contribution and the use of one’s talents and skills provides for a more fulfilled life. Get Connected offers a variety of opportunities to use one’s talents and abilities to inspire and enrich the lives of others. 

Give back. Inspire others. 

Be Uplifted

Caring for one’s mind and soul through spiritual pursuits may improve mood, the ability to cope with stress, and improve one’s life satisfaction. Be Uplifted feeds your soul through faith-based programs, meditation, and mindfulness activities.

Strengthen your mind. Lift your spirit. 

Get Creative

Artistic expression and creative activities may foster a sense of purpose and encourage continued personal growth. Get Creative explores the arts through music, acting, fine arts and more. Use your artistic talent or spark a new passion.

Discover your inner artist. Find your voice.

Be Social

Nurturing and developing social relationships may improve our health. As innately compassionate beings, we can all benefit from flourishing relationships. Be Social invites you to get out and mingle, cheers to a new friend, and light up the dance floor as you live a connected and playful new life. 

Meet new pals. Discover great entertainment.

Be Adventurous

Seeing new places, exploring new opportunities, and pursuing adventure can relieve everyday stress and ignite joy. Be Adventurous feeds your dreams, challenges you, and helps you embrace your wanderlust.

Push your boundaries. Create new moments.


“The activities and interaction with the other residents has been stimulating to him and he is more content that he has been in some time.”

- David & Maribel Breeding, Family of Resident