Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

Managed by Watercrest Senior Living Group


Annually certified as a Great Place to Work, Watercrest stands as a beacon of quality senior living by creating a sense of family in a company where servant leaders collaborate to honor our elders.


To Welcome, To Care, To Serve.

Corporate Team


    Principal and Chief Executive Officer Faith

    "Our collective values will determine the extent to which our collective vision is realized."


    Principal and Chief Financial Officer Genuine

    "Our associates are our greatest asset, therefore our most important investment is in them."

  • Michael Marlow

    Vice President of Sales Education Service

    "There is no greater usage of our time and talents than to be in service to others. Serving others is not just a way of life, it is a way to live life fully."


    Vice President of Construction Management Positive

    "I am honored to have the opportunity to transform a set of building plans into a home for our next Watercrest family member."

  • Johnita Jackson

    Vice President of Clinical Operations Honesty

    "Honesty, Kindness, Compassion and Love are values we all must possess to ensure our seniors receive the best possible care during this most important time of their lives."


    Director of Accounting Dedication

    "Success is loving and believing in a purpose. Caring for others how we want ourselves and families cared for is a truly fulfilling, lifelong commitment."


    Director of Memory Care Operations and Education Collective Cooperation

    "My dementia background is rooted in the Montessori techniques for dementia care, which at its foundation holds to the principles of independence, environment, and engagement. What I seek to provide for my residents is a place where they can be themselves, judgement free. A place where they are encouraged and engaged in meaningful experiences where they are able to live, learn and thrive successfully."

  • Shannan Rhodes

    Regional Sales Manager Happiness

    “Happiness is a choice that’s available to everyone. The key is to be grateful of each and every thing, every moment good or bad, living in the present and serving others along the way.”

  • Samantha Sipe

    Operations Specialist Passion

    “Our consistency in providing excellence is built upon the passion of our associates.”

  • Sheila Fioretti

    Dining Services Specialist Passion

    "Serving our Seniors, Team Members and Communities humbly each day with excitement, and a servant heart. Striving for increased satisfaction and excellence in service working with the team supporting and empowering others to find or enhance their passion."

  • Kimarie Lawrence

    Clinical Specialist Positivity

    "Positive minds create beautiful futures."

  • James Brassard

    Director of Market Street Operations Integrity

    If we do the little things right, and focus on communication, we minimize the chances of potential problems.

  • Kayla Holloway

    Regional Accountant Dependability

    "Dependability is always being there for those who need us, following through on commitments, and consistently accomplishing tasks to the best of our abilities."

  • Greg Medlock

    Regional Accountant Integrity

    "Ensuring that our team members at our communities understand all aspects of their accounting information translates to members that can effectively help run their communities with a greater confidence."

  • Anne Ferrer


    “Humility is being selflessness enough to listen beyond your needs.”

  • Darlene Wirag

    Accounts Payable Specialist Kindness

    "Kindness improves our quality of life in the workplace as well as in the community. It brings people together"


    Director of Associate Experience DETERMINE

    "The most rewarding feeling is to serve others while making a difference in their life."

  • Hailey Vorkapich

    Talent Acquisition Specialist Intentionality

    Intentionality is striving to display excellence in every moment, as one is purposeful in their investment to serve others

Community Leadership

  • Teleia Ferrell

    Associate Executive Director

    "Associate satisfaction is paramount; create a safe and nurturing environment for them and magic will ensue."

  • Dawn Robinson

    Associate Executive Director
    East Lake

    "Treating people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness and encouraging coworkers to express their opinions and their ideas."