In 2011, Janell lost her best friend and mentor, her mother, to cancer. They both shared a deep love for seniors. Together when visiting her Grandmother at a nursing home as a young girl, Janell fondly remembers how she and her mother would end up visiting with all of the patients, not just her grandmother.

After the passing of her mom, Janell embarked on a lengthy journey of trying to find herself. An integral part of her journey was the realization that after working in corporate America in the insurance industry for the previous 12 years, Janell was not happy in her profession. She longed to work in an industry that brought joy to her life. Little did she know she would put her social work degree to use in senior living.

Janell, a firm believer that everything in life has a purpose, recognized that her greatest pain of losing her loving mother brought forth a blessing in disguise. Without her experience of having to walk through difficult steps of caring for her mother, making tough medical decisions about her health care, and experiencing all of the emotions that comes with caring for a sick loved one, Janell wouldn’t have the first-hand knowledge needed to serve her resident’s families with as much compassion, empathy and love as she now does. Often times she has to fight back tears while supporting a hurting family because she knows exactly the place they find themselves in.

Janell entered senior living with a tremendous desire to make a change in the lives of her seniors. Her journey began as a Director of Activities. She excelled quickly in this role soon after serving as an onboarding mentor for new directors, and after two years Janell took over her own building. Her desire “to really help people” has grown into her passion and goal to ensure her residents live a better life in her care than what they lived prior to moving in. You will often hear Janell testifying on how senior living has changed her life! She knows it sounds cliché but doesn’t shy away from saying, “It is truly my pleasure to serve our seniors. I feel like it’s a part of my purpose here on earth. I am one of the privileged people that get to go to work excited & loving what I do every single day.”

Janell has two sons Brenden and Bryce who are both in high school. She loves spending time with them talking, laughing, and watching movies. They enjoy watching new movies on the Thursday night before opening weekend. Janell and her boys enjoy traveling, including cruises and vacations to amazing destinations such as Cozumel, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Saint Maarten and throughout the United States.