It is our driving ambition to bring something truly positive to our community in every

sense- personally, culturally, dynamically, economically, aesthetically and, most

certainly, environmentally. From this ambition our team of developers, architects,

designers, builders and operators came together to THINK Green. Below are just a

few of the responsible decisions we have made to serve each community our residents

call home.


Site Selection:


        • High density

        • Access to public transportation

        • Basic services

        • Connectivity


Water Reduction:


        • High efficiency faucets, toilets, and shower heads

        • High efficiency rain shut off irrigation

        • Native/ non invasive vegetation


Energy Reduction:


        • Large windows, including clerestory windows in the main promenade, are used

          to provide natural daylight

        • Energy efficient lighting has been specified throughout the building

        • High efficiency HVAC units, dishwashers, clothing washers and dryers

        • Mastic on ductwork


Material Selection:


Specification of materials from vendors who are committed to environmentally friendly

practices and to providing product with recycled content. For example, carpet in main

lobby and dining spaces meets or exceeds the following global certifications and



        • California Air Resources Board (CARB)

        • Cradle to Cradle certified

        • EPA Design for Environment

        • Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody

        • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality

        • NSF 140 Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standard

        • Recycled concrete and drywall pre-engineered trusses

        • Locally sources materials specified per LEED regional definition where possible


Air Quality:


        • All adhesives and sealants for flooring materials comply with South Coast Air

         Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule # 1168, therefore reducing

         emissions of volatile organic compounds.

        • All paints, coatings, primers, stains, clear wood finishes, and shellacs will not

         exceed limits for volatile organic compounds set by Green Seal Standard GS-11

        • Use of Pedi-Systems recessed, gridded walk off mat to trap pollutants at main


        • Carbon Dioxide monitoring

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