suggested readings

Chicken Soup for

the Soul:

Family Caregivers

Joan Lunden

Amy Newmark

Readers caring for an ailing family member

will find support and encouragement in

these stories by others like them. Chicken

Soup for the Soul: Family Caregivers will

inspire and uplift family members who

are making sacrifices to make sure their

loved ones are well cared for.

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Chicken Soup for the

Caregiver's Soul

Jack Canfield

Mark Victor Hansen

LeAnn Thieman

A dose of inspiration for caregiving

professionals and the millions of souls

who help care for family and friends.

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Daily Comforts for Caregivers

Pat Samples

For those who feel overwhelmed by the

day-to-day struggles of caregiving, this

charming little book offers gentle guidance

and support.

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Coping with Caregiving:

A Beginner's Guide to Caring for Your Loved

Ones without Suffering

from Caregiver Burnout

Patti Geil & Tami A. Ross

Millions of people in the United States are

serving in the role of primary caregiver for

a loved one with physical, medical, age-

related or emotional challenges. Some are

even members of the 'sandwich generation,'

caring for young children at home, even as

they deal with health issues related to their

own aging, PLUS have to care for an elderly

relative.  In this guide, the authors outline

some of the best strategies for beginners

who suddenly find themselves placed in the

role of caregiver. Through learning these

strategies, they can try to avoid caregiver

burnout, which can occur if the new

caregiver does not try to maintain a good

caring, work and life balance.

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Respite refers to a short time of rest or relief.  It provides a break from the typical care

routine, allowing the caregiver some down time while their loved one continues to

receive care from qualified care specialists, offering new experiences to their daily

routine.  Respite care can be a day service or an overnight stay, depending on the

needs of the caregiver.  Day respite offers a change in scenery for your loved one,

providing different activities they may enjoy and providing you with a well-deserved

break to do something you enjoy.  There are many different programs available

nationwide.  Below is a listing of a few:


Share The Care:


Specializing in adult day care and respite services throughout central Florida


• Offering five locations of day programming sites in central Florida

• Partners with memory disorder clinic, which offers a thorough assessment, ensuring a

  proper diagnosis in order to receive the appropriate treatment

• Local caregiver support groups

• Monthly email newsletter full of heartwarming stories and educational caregiver


• Holds an annual caregiver forum with assistance for overnight respite needs. Includes

  seminars, vendor exhibits, and plenty of time to socialize with other caregivers in

  similar situations, all for a very reasonable cost ($75-$120)

• Hosts appreciation brunches and other social events to help relieve the stress of



Aging Florida:


A not-for-profit corporation dedicated to helping people aging in their home.


• Community Resource Directory, providing a list of many different services offered

  in your area

• Message boards to discuss topics important to seniors

• A listing of health and wellness articles


National Adult Day Services Association:


Providing information regarding adult day services on a national and state level.


• Tips on choosing an adult day service

• Listings of adult day services in your area


Adult day care centers provide older adults an opportunity to get out of the house and

receive both mental and social stimulation.  This provides the caregiver with a much-

needed break in which to attend to personal needs, or rest and relax.


Good candidates for adult day care centers are seniors who:


• Can benefit from the friendship and functional assistance a day care center offers

• May be physically or cognitively challenged but do not require 24-hour supervision

• Are in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease

• Are mobile, with the possible assistance of a cane, walker, or wheelchair


Adult day care center site visit checklist:


• Did you feel welcome?

• Were the center services and activities properly explained?

• Were you given information regarding staffing, programming, and costs?

• Is the facility clean, pleasant, and free of odor?

• Is the building and site wheelchair accessible?

• Is the furniture sturdy and comfortable?

• Are there loungers and chairs with arms for relaxation?

• Is there a quiet place in the center?

• Did the staff and participants seem cheerful and comfortable?

• Are participants involved in planning activities?


Source: National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA)


Caregiver support:


Everyone needs support.  Often times, caregivers say they are looking for support from

people who "really understand because they've been there, too.”  Joining a support

group offers that.  It is a place, either online or at a local support group, where you can

build bonds with others in similar situations and receive the support and encouragement

you need.


Caregiver Support:


Senior Support Resources specific to diagnosis and to the caregiver of the affected



• Online support groups

• Health condition information

• Caregiver wellness solution center

• Free Newsletters


Today’s Caregiver:


Caregiver Media Group is a leading provider of information, support and guidance for

family and professional caregivers:


• Listings of support groups in the local area

• Weekly newsletters

• Tips on caring for your loved one

• Listing of national caregiver conferences


Online Caregiver Support:


Family Caregiver Alliance


Nonprofit organization supporting caregivers on a national, state, and local level



• Caregiver Newsletters

• Online Support Groups

• Webinars and educational information pertaining to specific diseases and disorders

  and caregiving in general.

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