platinum standards

Honoring our fathers and mothers, our commitment to seniors goes far beyond offering traditional services. Answering how we do things or what we do is much less valuable than why do it. This approach sets a new platform for the future of senior living as well as a road map for identifying quality for seniors and their families.



market street


core values

Market Street proudly

recognizes values brought

to our communities by our

associates.  Each associate

identifies their personal

Core Value and they are

proudly displayed on their

name badge.

Identified by company.



Licensed nurses on-call/

available 24 hours.

Licensed nurses in the

community 24 hours a day,

7 days a week.



Medication administered by

Registered Nurse or Licensed

Practical Nurse.

Managed by Medication

Assistants with four (4) hours of training every

other year.

safe food


2 associates certified with

Serve Safe.

All associates handling food

are certified through the FRLA

SafeStaff Food Handler

Certificate Program providing

essential food safety

practices while promoting

professional standards.

memory care


Dedicated Memory Care

Program Specialists actively

engage residents in multi-

sensory programming with

20+ daily calendar offerings.

Caregivers promote resident

participation in games

and crafts.


Employees receive training

courses as identified by

the state.

In addition to state required

courses, our associates receive

30 days live, hands-on, and
online training.  Also, all memory

care associates are Certified

Dementia Specialists.


Our neighborhoods feature

interactive touch screens

providing therapeutic games

to increase hand eye

coordination, balance, and

memory.  Additionally, families

stay connected sharing

digital video, images, and

emails with their loved ones.

Residents enjoy watching

sitcoms and movies from

the 1960's and 1970's.

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