Selecting a memory care residence for your loved is one of the most important decisions

you will make.  Market Street wants to join you on the journey of selecting the most

desirable residence.  We understand that many seniors and their families have questions

regarding memory care services and what identifies Market Street from other memory

care residences.  The following are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you

have additional questions please contact us directly:


Market Street associates share a purpose and passion for serving those with memory

loss.  As neighbors, family members and friends, we share an emotional connection that

inspires a sense of community.


• Coordination of Care

• Community Programs & Activities

• Amenities & Environment

• Associate Development & Staffing

• Move-in Process

• Cost & Fees





coordination of care


Q:  What Care options are available at a Market Street Residence?


A:  Market Street memory care neighborhoods, offer each resident an interdisciplinary

team which assist in providing and developing the care the resident needs.  This may

include physicians, specialists, nurses, home health services-physical, speech and

occupational therapies, dermatology, podiatry, audiology, optometry and in house

laboratory and x-ray provider.


Memory Care Neighborhoods provide a safe and specialized environment for seniors

with cognitive needs.  These neighborhoods are designed to provide the best layout and

engagements for our residents. This includes Short term stays which are often called

respite stays.  These stays are typically pre-arranged so individualized service plans can

be created.  Respite programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for

families and their caregivers.


Hospice Care is a model for quality compassionate care for residents facing a life-limiting

illness.  Hospice care involve a team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain

management, and emotional and spiritual support tailored to the resident’s needs and




Q:  How is my level of care determined?


A:  Market Street understands that a memory impaired residents needs may fluctuate

from day to day.  With this in mind, we include level of care costs in or monthly fees.



Q:  How is my service plan coordinated?


A:   Once the resident evaluation is completed, our Resident Wellness Director will

create the service plan.  This service plan includes: Personal care needs and schedules,

medication management service, interests and programming, beauty and barber

schedules, and much more.



Q:  Do you offer a medication program?


A:  Yes, all medications are administered by a licensed nurse.  The medication program

is included in the monthly fee which includes communicating with the resident’s health-

care professional and ordering the prescription(s) from the pharmacy (you may choose

to use our preferred).



Q:  How long can my loved one reside in your community?


A:  We utilize the limited nursing services care licensure which allows our residents to

receive nursing services above and beyond what is offered in a standard license assisted

living community. This allows our residents to remain in our community for an extended

period of time.  Additionally, we partner with Home Health Care agencies to provide

physical, occupational, and speech therapies as well as specialized nursing services.

Hospice services offer additional partnerships to meet the individualized needs of our




Q:  My loved one is relocating, do you offer assistance with finding a new



A:  We provide the option of choosing your own physician and a list of primary care

physicians will be provided.  Some doctors make regular visits to our communities, but

there is no obligation to use their services.  We provide scheduled transportation services

to and from medical appointments for residents choosing an outside physician’s group.



Q:  Do you offer 24 hour nursing?


A:  Yes, We have an associate nurse on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days

a year to meet all your loved one’s needs.





community programs and activities


Q:  What makes Market Street design unique?


A:  Equipped with the luxuries and amenities of market street offerings, residents will

navigate their day on their time.  Families will continue to cherish times spent with their

loved one in the settings they are accustomed.


Maintaining an atmosphere that enhances their memories, residents are invited to stroll

through our Market Street. This may include stopping by the salon for a relaxing

treatment, visiting our market to take in the scent of freshly picked flowers, or entering the

bakery to indulge in a sweet treat and fresh cup of coffee.  Residents will also be invited to

admire the various exhibits that are showcased in our Art Studio, and visit the Post Office

to satisfy their interests in the daily newspaper or favorite magazine.



Q:  What specialized programming do you offer?


A:  Connecting hearts and minds is our passion.  All Market Street programming seeks to

answer three questions.


        • How is this programming engaging our resident’s senses?

        • How is this programming expanding our resident’s minds?

        • How is this programming enhance our resident’s emotions?


The multi-sensory engagements our residents experience re-create memories with

emphasis on safety, being failure free and freedom to choose activity selections.

We adjust programs based on the participant’s actions which are common indicators.

This permits the residents to be in control without the feeling of having to “perform”.

This “no rules” unconventional approach to programming introduces pleasurable

experiences with the opportunity to obtain happiness and purpose.

View a sample memory care calendar





amenities and environment


Q:  Can you please describe your dining program?


A:  Food is a source of pleasure regardless of the stage of dementia.  It can lift spirits

and remind people of good times.  Market Street residents will enjoy home-like meals

prepared by the Executive Chef. Meals are presented from our induction service tables

and served on fiesta ware which provides visual contrast for the residents.  Dinning ware

size and shape fluctuate in order to promote more consumption. We offer chef

demonstrations which allow residents to experience cultural cuisines, decadent desserts

and unique family recipes furnished by our residents.



Q:  Do you offer transportation services?


A:  Yes, Market Street residents will enjoy community outings which are incorporated into

our weekly programming calendar.  Our community van permits residents to enjoy in

social events that they are accustomed too.



Q:  What type of individual wellness services do you provide?


A:  Market Street residents benefit from the perks of our wellness programs.  This includes

lab, therapy, pharmacy and specialty physician group visits.  We also incorporate fitness

and nutritional programs into the daily calendar.



Q:  What are the designated hours for guests?


A:  Market Street welcomes friends and families to visit at the times that work best for the






associate development and staffing


Q:  What is the staff to resident ratio in your community?


A:  The Market Street staffing pattern exceeds state requirements, the ratio is variable

and continually adjusts based on the needs of our residents in each community.



Q:  What training do your associates receive?


A:  Market Street prides itself on providing an in-depth onboarding program for all

associates that exceed industry standards.  Each new hire completes state required

courses through our online education learning system, they spend time on the floor

shadowing co-workers, and they attend a full day of new hire orientation that is hosted by

the Leadership Team.  In addition, all new hire associates participate in our well-defined

30 day onboarding program that focuses on all aspects of caring for our seniors. Continuing education and training is important to the success of our associates, and we

require them to complete monthly courses (both online and live) that enable us to ensure

they receive the tools and information necessary to serve our seniors.



Q:  I see you have Certified Dementia Practitioners on-site,

      what does that credential provide?


A:  Market Street understands that each associate needs a solid background on

Alzheimer’s and related dementias.  Each resident we serve has a unique set of needs

and abilities.  The Certified Dementia Practitioner curriculum provides our associates with

in depth training, knowledge and resources to be able to meet these needs with the

utmost confidence and best approaches to care.





move in process


Q:  How quickly can a move in occur?


A:  Prior to move-in, Market Street will ensure that all resident needs are personalized

which will be created through our resident service plan.  All accommodations are made

to ensure a smooth transition for the residents and families we serve.  Move-ins are

scheduled according to the flexibility of the resident.



Q:  What type of furnishings can I bring?


A:  Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and décor making the apartment

more personalized to their design style.  Floor plans are available so you can decide how

furnishings will be laid out in your apartment.



Q:  My parents are married, can they reside in the same apartment?


A:  Yes, couples may reside in the same apartment.



Q:  Is the lease agreement long-term?


A:  No, Market Street communities do not have long term lease requirements.  Our lease

agreement does request a 30 day notice prior to moving out of the community.  The lease

will be reviewed with you prior to move in and you will also receive a copy for future



Please review our tips to ensure a successful move.




cost and fees


Q:  How much does memory care cost?


A:  Market Street understands that each residents individualized needs vary.  With that

being said, you can expect a monthly fee for your apartment and care needs identified on

a resident service plan that is specifically designed for you.



Q:  What is included in my monthly fee?


A:  Monthly fees include apartment accommodations with safety features, all utilities,

scheduled housekeeping and laundry services, maintenance, chef prepared meals, active

social and recreational calendar and peace of mind knowing your loved one is not alone

and have staff available for assistance at any time.



Q:  When are fees due?


A:  Fees are billed and due according to your community’s billing cycles; we will review

with you at Residency Agreement signing.



Q:  Do Medicare or other government agencies help to pay for fees?


A:  No.  Medicare will only pay for care in Medicare-certified skilled nursing facilities or

through Medicare-certified home health or hospice agencies.


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides long-term care services to some eligible

veterans; please contact your local office for your individual situation.



Q:  What other options are available to assist with costs?


A:  We recommend you always check with your attorney or financial advisor for guidance

in payment options, as each individual’s situation is unique. You can also ask them for

advice on tax benefits or deductions that you may qualify for.


In addition to private payment sources, you can also discuss with your financial advisor

or insurance agent to determine if you have benefits available through existing policies.

Always consult your own professional advisors whenever discussing matters of financial



Your local Area Agency on Aging can also offer valuable resources.  You can locate your

local office at the Administration on Aging website:

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